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Art Cards: Collage Note Cards

Purchase your favorite collages as blank note cards. Images are printed on beautiful Fabriano Medioevalis mold-made deckle-edged paper crafted in Italy and are suitable for framing. Art cards are $5.00 each or choose five assorted images for $20.00. Click on the title to see the image.

Blanche Collage Series: Quilt Collage Series: Other Collages:
Contemplation Rose (Blanche No. 1) Heredity Quilt Crossing the Threshold No. 1
Red Hair (Blanche No. 2) Mantra 1 Crossing the Threshold No. 2
Cats Loved Blanche (Blanche No. 3) Mantra 4 Buck Tits
Blanche Becomes Alanis (Blanche No. 4) Mantra 5 Exemption (Clown Horror No. 1)
Caught in a Dream (Blanche No. 5) Dictionary Quilt No. 1 Ubu (Clown Horror No. 2)
  Which Came First? (Dictionary Quilt No. 2) Have a Nice Heart Attack
Feng Shui Mishap Series: Egg (Dictionary Quilt No. 3) How Humpty Hoodwinked Miss Massachusetts
FSM No. 20 Mary Quilt Ode To Joe
FSM No. 21 Tom Quilt Blessing
The Oblique Signal (FSM No. 22) How-Hum-Hoo Quilt Masquerade
FSM No. 665  NEW !!! Hex Block "I" Before "E"   NEW !!!
    Do Not Adjust  NEW !!!
    The Fault  NEW !!!
    Landscape for Fossils  NEW !!!